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 Date   Meeting  Presenter  Title
 06/03/2015   MAGLUE kick off meeting  Various  partners  MAGLUE kick off  overview
 23/06/2015   SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub-  advisory  board meeting  Prof. Gail  Taylor  The MAGLUE  project
29-30/07/2015 Bioenergy and Land-use change: Global Challenges Dr Jeanette Whitaker Workshop organiser
20-22/10/2015 AAB Biomass and Energy Crops V Dr Rebecca Rowe, Dr Jon McCalmont and Dr Suzanne Milner Various talks on the MAGLUE project and related previous work.
26-28/10/2015 IEA Bioenergy 2015 Dr Jeanette Whitaker  
02-03/11/2015  British Ecological Society Workshop on Climate Change Mitigation Dr Jeanette Whitaker and Prof. Gail Taylor Indirect effects of climate change on soil carbon cycling in the Peruvian Andes
19/11/2015 SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Annual Assembly Dr Suzanne Milner  
20/11/2015 SHARE Network meeting Dr Suzanne Milner  
04-05/05/2016 All-Energy Exhibition and Conference Dr Rebecca Rowe, Dr Jon McCalmont, Dr Miao Guo and Dr Suzanne Milner  
06/05/2016 Share network meeting Dr Rebecca Rowe, Dr Jon McCalmont, Dr Miao Guo and Dr Suzanne Milner  
16-17/06/2016 Maglue advisory board meeting; WP3 focus Robert Matthews  
03-04/11/2016 Maglue advisory board meeting; WP1 focus Dr Niall McNamara  
17/11/2016 Supergen Sheffiled Dr Jon McCalmont