Work Package 4

SUPERGEN Value Chain Optimisation Model (SiM) outputs for improved optimisation in bioenergy chains

Leader: Dr Raphael Slade, Imperial

Participants: Dr Jeanette Whitaker, CEH; Professor Nilay Shah, Imperial; Dr Rob Holland, Southampton; Professor Gail Taylor, Southampton; Robert Matthews, Forest Research


Aims: Work Package 4 will evaluate the existing data sets and LCA assumptions for key chains and identify where there are shortcomings in current data quality. Secondly, WP4 will review opportunities to fill these data gaps, incorporating WP1 and WP2 outputs, or developing revised system boundaries to better reflect on-the-ground agricultural practice. Third, WP4 will develop revised data sets to be implemented within the SiM value chain modelling environment. Lastly, WP4 will investigate the implications of running this model using improved data.