Work Package 3

Case studies- GHG emissions, from overseas feedstock relevant to the UK

Leader: Robert Matthews, Forest Research

Participants: Dr Niall McNamara, CEH; Dr Jeanette Whitaker, CEH; Professor Iain Donnison, IBERS-Aberystwyth; Professor Pete Smith, Aberdeen; Professor Gail Taylor, Southampton; Dr Raphael Slade, Imperial; Dr Jake Snaddon, Southampton; and datasets from overseas collaborators


Aims: To gain a better quantification of GHG balance and soil carbon impacts for several overseas feedstock types of relevance to the UK. Working with established working relationships with a wide range of bioenergy specialists across the world, we are measuring GHG balance and soil carbon in a wide range of bioenergy feedstocks. We will model GHG emission and soils carbon for the following areas, as datasets become available: 1) North American forest, 2) Southa American sugar cane, 3) Eastern European SRC and Miscanthus and 4) Southaeast Asian oil palm.