Robert Matthews

Robert Matthews (Investigator- WP3 lead) Forest Research


Robert Matthews

Contact details:

Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
Surrey GU10 4LH



Tel: +44 (0)3000675682

Fax: +44 (0)142023653



Role in MAGLUE: Investigator, Work Package 3 leader


Research background: Robert Matthews is a Programme Group Manager in Forest Research, managing Forest Resources Evaluation Group and a major Forestry Commission Research Programme. He has developed state of the art models for predicting forest growth and timber yield, which are already in daily use. Robert has made an influential contribution to scientific understanding of the role of forests, forest management and timber utilisation in the carbon balance. He developed the first analytical forest carbon accounting model, CARBINE, in 1988. He presented on of the first analyses of the roles of timber in material and bioenergy substitution in 1992, demonstrating the potential national scale significance and implications for carbon accounting in 1994. Robert has made an internationally recognised contribution to the evaluation of biomass and bioenergy production and utilisation systems.


Robert’s role in the MAGLUE project is to lead work package 3 to gain a better quantification of GHG balance and soil carbon impacts for several overseas feedstock types of relevance to the UK.



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