Professor Pete Smith

Professor Pete Smith (investigator- WP2 lead) Aberdeen


Professor Peter Smith

Contact details:

Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences
School of Biological Sciences
University of Aberdeen
23 St Machar Drive, Room G45
Aberdeen, AB24 3UU, 
Scotland, UK



Fax: +44 (0)1224272703



Role in MAGLUE: Investigator, Work Package 2 leader


Research background: Professor Pete Smith is a Professor of Soils and Global Change at the University of Aberdeen and is an ecosystem modeller working on terrestrial biogeochemical modelling since 1994. He has been an integral member of many projects including NERC, UKERC and ETI. He is also Science Director of the Scottish Climate Change Centre of Expertise and Director of Food Systems for the Scottish Food Security Alliance Crops. Since 1996, he has served as Convening Lead Author, Lead Author and Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He was the Convening Lead Author of the Agricultural Mitigation chapter of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and for the Agriculture and Forest (including bioenergy) Mitigation chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment. He has been modelling bioenergy systems since 1995 and has served as an advisor on Bioenergy to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).


Professor Smith will be leading Work Package 2 where he will guide the development of the modelling of GHG hotspots in UK and elsewhere. Pete will also lead on the modelling of GHG emissions from UK and non-UK bioenergy feedstocks to inform the case studies in WP3 and feed into the SiM Optimisation modelling environment in WP4. His team in Aberdeen will be utilising the ECOSSE soils model, developed by his group. They will also be integrating the outputs from yield models used throughout the MAGLUE project.


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