Professor Nilay Shah

Professor Nilay Shah (advisor) Imperial

Contact details:

Faculty of Natural & Environmental Sciences
Roderic Hill Building

Imperial College London

South Kensington Campus



Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 6621



Role in MAGLUE: Advisor

Research background: Professor Nilay Shah is the Director of the multi-insitution, interdisciplinary and award-winning Centre for Process Systems Engineering, which currently has 23 academics and 80 researchers. He led the whole-systems bioenergy optimisation research topic of, and developed a bioernergy infrastructure optimisation method for, the NERC-funded TSEC-BIOSYS programme and leads the SUPERGEN Challenge project, “Bioenergy chains Whole Systems Analysis and Modelling” in this area. Within MAGLUE he will act as advisor on the SiM model environment developed in SUPERGEN I.



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