Professor Iain Donnison

Professor Iain Donnison (investigator) IBERS-Aberystwyth

Contact details:

PT Thomas Building, Gogerddan

Aberystwyth University 
SY23 2AX
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1970 823092




Role in MAGLUE: Investigator


Research background: Professor Iain Donnison is a bioenergy scientist and leads the Environmental Impact theme at IBERS Aberystwyth University. He is involved in many projects such as SUPERGEN Bioenergy I and II and is a lead PI on a BBSRC institute strategic programme grant on Energy Grasses & Biorefining, an ERA-Net project on reed canary grass, and a UK-Australia partnership award on informatics. He is the IBERS lead co-investigator in the BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre BioMASS programme, NERC Carbo-BioCrop project, the ETI-ELUM project, and EU Framework projects WATBIO and OPTIMISC. Professor Donnison is committed to the translation of science, is a member of the BBSRC Bioscience for Industry Strategy Panel, and is Director of the BEACON Biorefining Centre, a European Regional Development Funded project comprising 80 scientists at Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea Universities. BEACON has been recognised as one of the most innovative structurally funded projects in Europe and won the RegioStars 2014 award for Sustainable Growth.


Professor Donnison’s role in MAGLUE is to provide data for Work Package 1. Iain and his team run a site in Aberystwyth measuring GHG fluxes in a LUC from grassland to Miscanthus. Through the measurement of GHGs associated with his Miscanthus site Iain will be providing valuable data contributing to WP1.



Dr Jon McCalmont

Tel: 07747 361818



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