Dr Jeanette Whitaker

Dr Jeanette Whitaker (investigator- WP 5 lead) CEH Lancaster



Contact details:

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Lancaster Environment Centre

Library Avenue





Email : jhart@ceh.ac.uk

Tel : +44 (0)1524595800

Web : http://www.ceh.ac.uk/staffwebpages/drjeanettewhitaker.html


Role in MAGLUE: Investigator, Work Package 5 leader


Research background: Dr Whitaker is an ecologist at the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Lancaster UK. She has 16 years’ research experience studying the impacts of land-use change and global change on terrestrial ecosystems; specifically focussed on the effects and interactions of climate change and mitigation measures (renewable energy and biochar) on biogeochemical cycling on carbon and nutrients. In the UK Energy Research Centre (www.ukerc.ac.uk) she was the topic leader within the Environmental Sustainability theme, reviewing the use of life cycle assessment for bioenergy and biofield, and also assessed socio-environmental impacts of changing the UK energy system to achieve 2050 targets. She was also a co-investigator on NERC Carbo-BioCrop and contributed to a CEH integrating project investigating the carbon sequestration value on bioenergy crops.


Dr Whitaker’s role in the MAGLUE project is to lead Work Package 5, which aims to deliver a better understanding of emission factors for bioenergy and translate this knowledge into policy relevant tools and advice. The work package she’s leading will ensure that MAGLUE research outputs are relevant and appropriate for stakeholder needs and that policy-relevant tools and advice are clearly and widely disseminated.



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