Dr Jake Snaddon

Dr Jake Snaddon (investigator) University of Southampton



Contact details:

Life Sciences Building 85
Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences
University of Southampton
Highfield Campus
SO17 1BJ


Email: J.L.Snaddon@soton.ac.uk

Tel : +44 (0)2380594268

Web : http://www.southampton.ac.uk/biosci/about/staff/jls2u12.page? 


Role in MAGLUE: Investigator


Research background: Dr Snaddon is an ecologist with 10 years’ experience of working in Southeast Asia on land-use change and oil palm issues. He is currently coordinating a collaborative project, the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Tropical Agriculture (BEFTA) Project (www.oilpalmdiversity.com), based in central Sumatra within an oil palm landscape, provides science-based evidence for the links between management and ecosystem functions and services, developing baseline information on environmental impacts of biodiversity levels and carbon emissions. He has participated in key industry and academic meetings on oil palm and the environment (ICOPE, MPOB, RSPO) and was a member of the Royal Society steering group on sustainable oil palm production.


Dr Snaddon’s role in MAGLUE is to provide case studies for Work Package 3. Through his expertise in LUC in Southeast Asia, Dr Snaddon will be collecting data on case studies that will give a wider perspective on the effects of LUC. We have sites in Eastern Europe, USA, south America and Southeast Asia that Jake will help analyse to be integrated into WP4 and WP5.



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