Dr Jon McCalmont of Maglue becomes co-vice chair of Supergen’s early career researchers network SHARE

At the recent AGM, Dr Jon McCalmont from Aberystwyth University and part of the Maglue team, was appointed chair of Supergen’s early career researchers network.

Posted on 05 March 2017.

Supergen bioenergy hub have an early career network called Share, available to any postgraduate researcher, postdoc or equivalent researcher at a Supergen partner institute. The network is set up to provide an interdisciplinary link between bioenergy researchers at the start of their career. Share run workshops, seminars and tours of research or bioenergy facilities at locations across the UK. The aim of Share is to facilitate collaborations and support knowledge exchange within the bioenergy research Supergen network.


In addition to his Maglue work, Jon McCalmont has become co-vice chair of the Share network and will be presenting on his work on eddy covariance at the next event. The next event will include:

  • A talk by Dr Ruth Wood on ‘Climate Change; the pledges and realities of Paris’;
  • A guided tour Grid Power Systems Research Centre (NGPSRC) High Voltage Laboratory;
  • 'how to’ tool box talks on life cycle assessment, fuel quality assessment and measuring greenhouse gas balance in land-use change.


If you are an early career researcher member of a Supergen  bioenergy hub institute and would like to get involved, visit http://www.supergen-bioenergy.net/share/ and contact Laura O’Keefe at Laura.O'Keefe@manchester.ac.uk.

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